The Black Mass are a parasitical alien race and enemies of the Dimension Jumpers. They are telepathic and intelligent. They desire to harness the powers of all Dimension Jumpers and rule the entire multiverse.


In the beginning, the Black Mass were once a harmless ooze that dwelled in the underground caverns of a volcano on an alien world. As they evolve, they developed sentinence and curiosity of the outside world. But when they reached the surface, the Black Mass discovered they could easily disintigrate and die from sunlight and were forced to retreat back into the caves.

Robbed of their opotunity, the Black Mass vow to escape their underground home no matter the cost.

Gabriel Evens is a 12 year old boy. He suffers from autism and is a loner. He is haunted by negative thoughts from being bullied. He is miserable with his life and hated anyone who was ever mean to him. He was also angry with his widowed mother Mary Ann for never listening to him.


new source of food

During the 14th century, meteor showers occured on Earth. These 'star jellies' are actually the Black Masses in their infant form. Some of them don't always survive. It continued until the present day.

travelling from world to world, influencing behind the scenes

The Black Mass are not to be trusted, for they have their own goals and motivations. capable of taking advantages of weaknesses. social organism - live together in social harmony

A Black Mass is powerless when by itself. but when many gather in swarming numbers, they can easily overwhelm a threat.

A bounty was sent for Dimension Jumpers across all worlds for the villains.

a collective intelligence akin to a hivemind

They communicate and socialize with other infected hosts

The Black Mass always search for a suitable host to merge and control

Through dissection on infected a host, it shows a Black Mass is found attached to the heart where it is linked to the spinal cord that controls the brain and the nervous system.

No DNA is found

The Black Mass seem to only attack young Dimension Jumpers before they came of age.

enter via the mouth or throat

grown inside

attaching itself internally to the nervous system

Once a Black Mass finds a potential boy or girl, it will climb through their mouths and attaches itself to their hearts. The first symptom will be that his/her heart is cold and heavy. They could hardly breathe for a few minutes. suffer from a number of symptoms: influencing the host's behaviour, eyes turn yellew, discolouration of the iris, sudden unconsciousness, yellow color

While the Black Mass dwells within its host's body, its seperate identity will communicate with him/her in their minds. Sometimes to torment or help them. This can be mistaken for a identity disorder.

If a person is asleep, the Black Mass may take possession of his/her body easily and without struggle. If the host is awake and possessed, there is a fighting chance he/she can battle for control.

The host may not remember anything whenever the Black Mass takes over temporary. This can happen when the host falls asleep or is under extreme emotion.

A Black Mass need its host's life essence in order to survive. It feeds on the negativity of human emotions and alters their behaviour in return. As long as the victim continues to feel negative, the Black Mass will spread until it takes over his/her entire body permanently. Within 24 hours, eventually, the mind will fade.

sucks the life out of them

drains their energy and have complete of their minds

a black Mass' control over the host can be resisted, even overcome entirely.

in an advanced stage, a possessed host will transform into a humanoid version of a Black Mass.

A Black Mass can kill a host when he/she has no further use to it. Even forced removal can be fatal. Their hearts will slow until they finally stop beating.

The victim vomits a black, gelationous substance.


The Black Mass are a gelatinous, amorphous mass that can change their solid form and each have one bulging yellow eye. They are very fast and strong for an organism that moves around by slithering and can crawl under doors.


In their infancy, they are strikingly pure white. Then they change to pink to purple to black to reach adulthood.

They are really hideous

mass of tentacles

luminous, sticky scum

has a foul smell

as it absorbs negative energy, it grows into a massive size

They can solidfy their form as hard as a rock, often mistaken for rocks. change at will

In their disguised forms, they look like normal humans.



The first of the Black Mass to possess a Dimension Jumper was Shroud, the leader of its twisted race.

merge into a huge hivemind

absorbed abilities of the DImension Jumpers

In Dark Corners of the Earth, Shroud had Alice within its grip, but couldn't convert her. it was in vain and could not change her.

In Bioshock Infinite

In Race Against Time

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • A Black Mass can grant its host enhanced strength, reflexes, speed, immunity from diseases and regeneration from the worse of injuries.
  • As the Black Mass leeches off its host's body, it gives greater power in return, such as protection from mind intrusion. This comes from sharing two minds.
  • However if the host relies on his/her Black Mass too often, it becomes more difficult to control.
  • A Black Mass can see in the dark and is immune to water.
  • A Black Mass can draw out its host's abilities to their utmost limits, exhibiting a deadly power.
  • A Black Mass can amplifly the host's desires like pleasure, total bliss and false happiness to prevent the host from resisting.
  • In their original form, the Black Mass will use their elongated tentacles to bind their opponauts.
  • When there's resistance, a Black Mass unleashes an intense electronic shock to keep the host under its control.


  • Love: As the Black Masses are opposites of light, love is like a poison to them. Their growth can be suppressed with positive emotions, allowing the host to regurgitate the black substance from their bodies.
  • Sunlight: The Black Masses need bodies to protect themselves from sunlight. They are very vunerable to bright light. Their photosensitvity is due to years of never being exposed to it. When one is exposed and dies, its body changes to dust-like form.


  • A Black Mass is limited to one host at a time.
  • The host's mindset seem to be important when chosing a host


  • Countless Dimension Jumpers
  • Countless humans
  • Alice Turner