"Dimensions Jumpers aren't made, they're born."

The Dimension Jumpers were originally free spirits that wandered across the layers of the multiverse. They were known as watchers, protectors and peacekeepers of all worlds.


A Dimension Jumper can travel to other worlds simply by wishing or sometimes brought in against his/her will. Every soul has possess uncommon potential power and formidable abilities. Depending on the timeline of the real world, a Dimension Jumper's age will default into the chosen universe and age them backwards or forwards if they wish to return.

Dimension jumping is as fast as the speed of light. All Dimension Jumpers are children. Their power is their own. When they come of age, they are given a choice: give up their powers and live a normal life, or keep them and continue to travel to many worlds for the rest of their lives.

Two Dimension Jumpers can open a bridge between worlds (or dimensions), to remain in contact willingly or unwillingly. This can happen when they're asleep and dreaming. If two minds share one body, the person becomes the most powerful Dimension Jumper in existance. One mind is awake and the other is dormant.

Every ten years, the Dimension Jumpers must meet up and prove themselves worthy by taking trials in groups of five.

However, a planetary alignment will weaken the barriers between dimensions and allow anything to cross over.

The misuse of a Dimension Jumper's powers would tear apart reality.

If a Dimension Jumper dies in their chosen world, they are forcibly ejected back to the real world. It is permenant and he/she cannot go back to that world.


  • Do not interfere with the way a world is supposed to run
  • Protect and serve
  • Never give up and never give in
  • Never be cruel or cowardly

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Can "jump" their minds beyond the bounderies of the real world and create a physical body upon arrival into chosen universe.
  • Can decipher, speak and understand any language by touch.
  • Can time travel between the past and the future.
  • Depends on strength, skill and endurance.
  • Depends on intelligence, imagination and courage.
  • Depends on mind, heart and soul.
  • Can also teleport to locations they know in their chosen world.


  • In the real world, the Dimension Jumpers are completely ordinary due to the laws of reality cancelling out their powers. They die and their journey is over.
  • Dimension Jumpers can absorb up to five different powers from the worlds they visited. But they go beyond the limits, they will be out of control.


  • A Dimension Jumper sometimes has no control our his/her powers, whether or not they were brought into a world by choice.

Known Dimension JumpersEdit